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ECS-RONDS-1114-2For over 40 years ECS France Magnet Engineering provides permanent magnets and subsets integrating then to the industry, the automobile and the household electrical appliances.

ECS France Magnet Engineering brings to customers its long experience in the supply of technical magnetic products dedicated to these activities:

– A technological skill recognized regarding integration of the magnetic devices in the systems;

– An efficient quality management system based on reference norms ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 (at ECS France Magnet Engineering we fluently speak FMEA, PPAP, PDCA, KAIZEN …);

– A first class service level by the management of closed orders, open orders, safety stocks, advanced platforms, daily picking, just-in-time, …;

– A costs optimization through the supplying of a wide range of products from Chinese partners in ‘win-win’ relationships built on the long term.


Isotropic Ferrites We make technical isotropic ferrites with very tight dimensional tolerances for the making of more complex parts (typically rotors) by over-molding operation. This kind of manufacturing is not realized in China.
Anisotropic Ferrites Having made some anisotropic ferrites during more than 30 years, we work from now on with Chinese partners carefully selected to whom we bring a technical support to reach the quality levels required in Europe. Blocks, arcs, sectors, cylinders, rings and others. Up to Br:4400-4600G Hcb:4000-4250Oe Hcj:4650-4950Oe BHmax:4.63-5.03MGOe
NdFeB magnets We work for more than ten years with Chinese partners specialized in this range of magnets. Blocks, arcs, cylinders, discs, rings and others. Grades N35 to N50, N35M to N48M, N33H to N48H, N33SH to N45SH, N30UH to N42UH, N30EH to N38EH, N30AH to N35AH… Coatings Ni, NiCuNi, Zn, Epoxy, …
AlNiCo Magnets
SmCo magnets
Bonded magnets
As for the other types of magnets, we have a specific Chinese source for each of these product lines. Any sizes, any ranks. To consult us.
Rotors Stators We have capitalized a big experience through the production of 50 million encapsulated rotors (over-molded) for the household electrical appliances and of 125 million assembled stators (glued) for the automotive industry.

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