Packaging • Cosmetic • Perfumery


The magnetic function in the service of the packaging and of the cosmetic perfume shop.

ECS France Magnet Engineering puts its experience of more than 40 years in permanent magnets at your disposal for the integration of the magnetic function in your products (cases, caskets, flasks, powder compacts, sprays, lipsticks…) :


Ferrites Classic magnets. The best value for money. Good heat resistance.
Good resistance against corrosion and in solvents.
Rare Earth
The more powerful magnets. Easy integration in small dimensions.
Rare Earth
Powerful magnets which present the advantage of a better heat resistance in regard to NdFeB magnets.
Bonded magnets The mixture of magnetic materials with plastic compounds allows the realization of magnets of varied forms and various colors.
Elastomer magnets The mixture of magnetic materials with elastomers allows the realization of flexible magnets.